AFL 2023: Peter ‘Speed’ Everitt Laughs at Death Prank, Triple M Radio

AFL great Peter “Speed” Everitt scoffed at a social media post that appeared to suggest the 48-year-old had died.

The former 291-game player with St Kilda, Hawthorn and Sydney has been a staple in Triple M’s in the Gold Coast for the past 12 years.

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But Everitt, who was All-Australian three times in his AFL career, saw the funny side of the post in Carlton draft Facebook page.

Saying triple M Breakfast with Flan, Ali and Speedthe great AFL revealed the post to its co-hosts Sean “Flan” Flanagan and Ali Plath.

“There was one yesterday and he said, ‘Today’s kids will never know what it was like growing up with this man in the world.’ And above it was a montage of photographs… of mine,” Everitt said.

The post has nearly 1,000 likes and 243 comments at the time of writing, with many of the comments warning the page that Everitt is still alive.

His co-hosts were stunned, but Everitt continued.

“It was on The Carlton Draft Facebook page. And then everyone thought I was dead.”

Laughing, Everitt said, “I saw that and I thought, ‘God, I don’t want to go out without saying what I want to say…

“To the bosses here at Triple M, to my co-workers, to my family… You would have a free hand, wouldn’t you, that would be fantastic,” Everitt joked.

Flanagan added, “Is this what you do every day, what are you talking about?”

Everitt continued: “At least if it were true, I have a chance to go to my own wake. Because you always wanted to go to the wake.

“I’ve never understood why people wait until they’re dead and then have a wake – have it a couple of weeks in advance so you can enjoy it and hear what people really think of you.”

Flanagan commented, “I’m glad you didn’t die, but I believe your legs died about 20 years ago.”

But it was an incident that brought back memories to Flanagan, to whom anxious friends wrote after his death. Soprano actor James Gandolfini in 2013.

“Oh my god, I was shocked when I found out that people think that I look like this!” he laughed.

Plath asked, “So people have been texting you asking if you’re okay?”

Flanagan: “Yeah, ‘Flan’s fine, Flan’s fine.’ Yes, I’m not James Gandolfini.”

Returning to Everitt, he was asked if he corrected the record, Everitt said that he does not use social networks.

Everit retired from the AFL after the 2008 season and it’s good to see he’s still going strong!

Originally published as AFL great Peter ‘Spida’ Everitt laughs at cheating death