AFL 2023 News: Harry Schiesel debut, 34 disposals, North Melbourne defeat by West Coast, stats, results, video

North Melbourne held on in a thrilling first round bout against the West Coast Eagles.

After looking like they were about to run away from an easy win in the third quarter, leading 34, the Eagles fought back but couldn’t close the gap as the Roos held on to record 12.15 (87) to 12 .10 (82). ) victory.

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North’s victory was marked by midfield star Luke Davies-Uniak with 32 throws and striker Nick Larkey with six goals.

Both, however, were surpassed by debutant Harry Schiesel, who broke into the field under the Marvel roof in his first contest.

Performed as a linebacker, Schizel appeared to bring his own game to the game, hitting 34 throws and a whopping 625 meters, trailed only by teammate Jack Ziebell.

An extremely impressive debut: he became the first debutant to record 30 or more releases since Michael Barlow recorded 33 in 2010.

This is the highest total by a debutant since 38-year-old Greg Williams in 1984, and is third all-time in number of eliminations recorded by a player in the first game.

“They were thrown out this week to the rear, a new task has not been played there before. The boys surrounded me, told me where to stand and I felt so comfortable there and we did our job,” Shizel said after the game.

Jason Dunstall was stunned by Schizel’s revelation that he had no idea what he was doing in the back line.

“I heard it all Joey, they told me where to stand, I’ve never played there before but I had 34 touches,” Dunstall told Fox Footy.

“Wait until he learns to play this position,” said Lee Montagna, laughing incredulously.

North manager Alastair Clarkson beamed, praising the youngster and said he was likely to stay behind the midfield line.

“He has quite a special talent. We’re not quite sure where he’s going to settle. We lacked polish in our back half and he gave us some of that class… I think next week he could start at linebacker,” Clarkson said at his press conference.

The Eagles came home with wet sails and looked like they were about to steal the win from North Melbourne.

But it was too little and too late as the kangaroos were kept in the dying stages.

Tall Oscar Allen of the Eagles is not looking to participate in any match review after introducing an early contender for the Miss of the Season title.

In the first 10 minutes of the game, Allen went out just outside the goal area, but fumbled his attempt to score a goal from a shot that missed the left flank and went from behind.

If Allen had converted, the score at the final siren would have been equal and could have drawn in a row in the first round.

The Eagles caught hits from all angles for their ugly performance during the first two and a half quarters.

“Couldn’t you be more blunt about the West Coast right now,” Gerard Whately told SEN.

Dunstall took aim at the defense after two Eagles defensemen allowed Larkey to check into the goal square after a teammate missed a shot on goal.

“It’s a terrible defense,” Dunstall said.

ABC sports producer Akash Fotedar was scathing about the way the Eagles played and tried to move the ball.

“It’s okay to try to move the ball faster, but first you have to win the ball. West Coast -30 in disputed ownership. It’s terrible,” he added.

“Not to mention I had fewer tackles despite having fewer possessions and clearances. Simpson’s concern goes beyond the movement of the ball.”

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