Affleck inadvertently drew attention to the Grammys

BEN AFFLACK again became the subject of conversations on the Internet after his photos and videos went viral after his performance at the Grammy Awards.

During the television broadcast of the awards ceremony, Affleck looked “unhappy” for most of the night, and more precisely, whenever the cameras were focused on him. At one point, cameras appeared to catch him and wife Jennifer Lopez in an argument.

Neither Lopez nor Affleck responded to the rumors, but Aerial wedding the star may have subtly intervened.

Lopez posted on Instagram a video with several pictures of Sunday evening, including with Affleck.

“Always the best time with my love, my husband,” she captioned the post.

Affleck was trendy during the show, and people commented on numerous occasions when he seemed rather boring at a star-studded event. It was impossible to avoid headlines about him on Monday morning.

This isn’t the first time Affleck’s face has gone viral.

In 2016, “Sad Affleck” was a meme that blew up the internet after he was fairly quiet during a junket interview for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

There’s also a recent “smoking Ben Affleck meme” that appears frequently on social media, which is linked to a paparazzi snap. The Oscar-winning actor spoke about the public’s perception of him and how memes can affect his children.

“I got to a place where [the public perception] was so different from who I am that I just stopped reading and stopped caring,” Affleck is quoted as saying. Los Angeles Times last year

“But then when my kids got older and started using the internet themselves, that became the hard part. Even the “Sad Affleck” meme seemed funny to me. I mean, there’s no one who doesn’t feel that way at a feast. But then my kids see it and I’m like, “Oh, are they going to think their dad is basically sad, or do they have to worry about me?” It’s really hard.”

Affleck has yet to say if he finds the Grammy memes amusing.