Adam Gilchrist responds to $380 million net worth report after fake cricket news

The Australian cricket legend was quick to respond to a confusing report that he had a secret net worth of $380 million.

The legendary wicket-keeper ridiculed the claim that he is the richest cricketer on the planet in a bizarre tweet.

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On Thursday, the 51-year-old wasted no time correcting a viral Twitter post from the World Index that estimated his net worth at a staggering $380 million.

The post, viewed over 600,000 times, made an amateur mistake by confusing the cricket hero with the co-founder of F45, who goes by the exact name.

“Guys, a case of misidentification. Unless, of course, my namesake who founded F45 didn’t play cricket, in which case it’s definitely #doyourresearch #fakenews #yasafesachin,” Gilchrist tweeted.

His post makes reference to the post’s claim that Indian cricket demigod Sachin Tendulkar tops the list, which also includes Australian Ricky Ponting as the No. 1 richest cricketer on the planet and Steve Smith in first place. Top 10 richest cricketers on the planet.

Gilchrist the cricketer is by no means doing it tough after cementing his place as one of the best and reportedly one of the highest paid TV commentators in cricket.

However, it’s still nothing compared to its namesake.

The gym franchise mogul left the company last year, walking away with a $10 million golden handshake.

Originally published as Adam Gilchrist forced to respond to $380 million report