Activist Posy Parker attacked women’s rally in New Zealand

Controversial anti-transgender campaigner Kelly-Jay Keene-Minshall was forced to call off a rally after being attacked with tomato sauce while her supporters called the LGBTQ+ protesters a “freaky mob”.

New Zealand immigration officials checked the British activist’s travel status after she held a rally in Melbourne and decided she did not pose a threat to public safety by allowing her to enter the country.

The biological sex campaigner, also named Posie Parker, staged a rally in Oakland on Saturday as part of the next leg of her Let Women Speak international tour to promote women’s rights.

Ms Keen-Minshall attended a rally she organized at Albert Park in Auckland, but it was quickly silenced by LGBTQIA+ protesters.

One of the protesters ran up to Ms Keene-Minshall and poured a bottle of tomato sauce over her head as she was on stage preparing to address the crowd.

The footage shows the controversial activist struggling to cut her way through the crowd to escape the crushing crowd.

The crowd quickly turned violent, with supporters and protesters clashing with each other, and screaming protesters lowering the metal barrier.

“Oi Posie, back off,” one of the signs in the crowd read.

The anti-trans activist tried to speak but was constantly drowned out by screams and chants of “go home”.

Counter-protesters quickly took over the rally, chanting “transgender rights are human rights.”

Police filled the crowd trying to help the British activist escape as counter-protesters’ signs read “trans pride” and “real feminists support ALL women”.

Another sign reads: “Protect the lives of transgender people.”

Controversial Liberal candidate Katherine Deves shared a video of the massacre on her Twitter, calling the crowd “completely insane”.

“So vulnerable and oppressed,” she wrote.

“They are a completely deranged crowd, I hope this goes viral.”

Ms Deves made additional comments, saying she was “totally blown away” by the crowd.

She went on to say that “the far left is domestic terrorists” encouraged by the state.

“Their anger is rising as the women refuse to back down, they will do anything – intimidation, threats, violence, crowds, screaming to silence the women – to shut the women up,” Ms Deves wrote.

Ms Keen-Minshall quickly tweeted that the situation was “shameful” and quickly “feared” for her life.

“I am very afraid for the women here. The hatred for the woman is off scale,” she wrote.

Another tweet from Ms Keene-Minshall read: “The bravery of the New Zealand women and men who came to speak the truth will not be forgotten. I had the honor to be among you. I’m really sorry.”

She went on to say that her activism consisted of her allowing the women to speak.

“Why does this make someone so angry?” Kin-Minshall said.

“We showed the world what happens to women when they try to speak. No one can pretend not to see salivating misogyny.”

Green Party co-leader James Shaw issued a statement after the stormy rally saying the party supports transgender and non-binary vanau.

“Aotearoa should be a place where everyone can live their lives without fear of hatred or discrimination,” he said.

“The Green Party’s commitment to non-violence is at the core of our founding values.”

Victoria MP Moira Deeming said the “denigration and escalation of extreme public violence” is a “cultural and political crisis”.

Last week, Ms Kean-Minshall held a rally outside the Victorian Parliament that quickly turned violent, with about 30 people dressed in black participating in the Nazi salute repeatedly before being escorted away by police.

Anti-transgender protesters clashed with LGBTQI+ rights activists who staged counter-protests at each of Ms Keen-Minshall’s Australian rallies, also held in Perth and Hobart.

Originally published as Anti-transgender activist Kelly-Jay Keene-Minshall attacked during her own women’s rally