Aaron Rodgers says he intends to ‘play for the New York Jets’ after days of deliberation

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said on Wednesday, after weeks of speculation, that his “intention” is to play for the New York Jets next season, but the two sides have yet to make a final decision.

During a highly anticipated appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers detailed his decision for the 2023 season, revealing that as he headed to his dark retreat last month, he was “90%” leaning toward retirement and “10% sure he wanted to get back to the game.

But the four-time MVP said something has changed since he came out of lockdown.


“I wondered where [the Packers] mentally, and all I was told during the week I was in Green Bay was: “Hold as much as you want, and we want you to fire Packer.” You want to come back and play, obviously the door is wide open.” So that was the information I was gathering. Now that I’ve stepped out of the dark, something has changed. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but something has changed.”

Rodgers said he’s heard from many people, including players, that the front office’s position has changed – a decision he says he would have made had he been told ahead of time.

“It was clear to me at that moment that while the Packers were about to say the right things in public, they were ready to move on.”

Rodgers said he then decided to find out about other teams and got permission to speak to the Jets, who flew to California last week to meet him in person.


“We had a pleasant conversation and I told them that I was not ready to make a decision about anything. I want to go back to my training and see what it’s like to work really hard for a week… and see if that drive and that passion is still there.”

There were reports last week that the two sides were close to a deal, but Rogers said on Wednesday that no final decision had yet been made. However, he confirmed that his “intentions” are to play in New York.

“At this point, as I sit here, I think I have made it clear since Friday that I intend to play and I intend to play for the New York Jets.

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