A young woman living in Brisbane made a wish list after she was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer.

Alice Jack-Kaufusi, who lives in Brisbane, has been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer and has put together a wish list to make the most of her time.

Alice was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer at the age of just 24, and for the past five years she has bravely fought the disease through multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.

Now she was told that it was incurable, so she began GoFundMe page help raise money so she can tick off something on her wish list.

Alice wants to do everything from skydiving to watching the northern lights.

The fundraising page has already raised around $14,000.

A young woman shares on her page the news about all the things she has marked with financial help.

She has already flown a helicopter over Brisbane and traveled in an old-school mustang.

Alice also revealed how difficult it was to shorten her list.

“Honestly, it was pretty hard to list what I really wanted to do, because one day I’ll say okay, I want to do it, and the next I’m like: hmm, no, maybe not, then I go to madness: “God, what do I want to do?” she said.

“I think it was the pressure I put on myself to write the list, but now I’m just going to go with the flow.”

She recently admitted on Instagram that while she loves checking things off the list, it’s not easy when she’s also in treatment.

“It was a little difficult to cross some items off my list because of the chemo. Because of chemo, I have to live my life in three-week increments and keep saying, “We’ll see how I feel; can be disappointing,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Alice continues to boldly share her story, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

Her Instagram account is littered with the things you’d expect from a young woman, like swimsuit photos and cute snaps with friends; she also uses her platform to go into detail about her battle with cancer.

A young woman talks about the intimate moments of the ongoing battle, about what it’s like to start chemotherapy again: “I’m worried and feeling overwhelmed.”

Thank you for sharing your story so openly. “The last couple of weeks have been mentally tough,” she recently wrote on Instagram.

The reason she shares her story is because she wants to raise awareness.

“Sharing my life experience never gets easier, but I do it for women who are currently in the same situation as me.

“Also for the women who are no longer there to use their voice, and for our future generation of women. This is for our mothers, our sisters and our daughters,” she wrote on social media.

Alice’s work is so important because there are still no recommended ovarian cancer screening tests for women who are asymptomatic and not at high risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Originally published as A resident of Brisbane with an incurable diagnosis boldly shares her story on the Internet.