A man was thrown off a bridge during a fight after a game between the Chiefs and Chargers on Sunday night

KANSAS CITY, Missouri. (KCTV) — Police said they are investigating a man who was thrown off a bridge outside SoFi Stadium after a match Sunday night. between Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs.

According to one person who witnessed the chaos, mobile phone video taken by fans shows two men fighting on a bridge near Rivers Lake after the game. He said the fight started when people got crowded as all the fans leaving the game started to cross the bridge, according to CBS News. informed.

After a couple of seconds of fighting, one of the men grabs the other and pulls him to the railing, lifting him overboard and pushing him onto the raised ladder below.

Police are investigating an incident in which a man was thrown off a bridge near SoFi Stadium.

Bystanders yelled for the man to stop as he pushed another overboard, and according to a witness, some of them followed him as he tried to flee the area.

It was unclear if any arrests were made or if the man sustained any injuries after landing several feet below the bridge.

The Inglewood Police Department said they became aware of the video on Tuesday and launched an investigation.