86% Of Americans Admit They’re Worse Off Under Biden

It took a few years for people to admit the truth – life in America has drastically downgraded under Biden. Inflation has surged to 40-year highs under Biden. The US trade deficit has increased by 24.6%. Public debt has increased 22.5% as most Americans rely on credit for basic necessities. Home prices have increased well over 30%, gas prices have doubled, and the CPI in general spiked 17.1% in Biden’s first 32 months in office. I do not believe the inflation statistics produced by government agencies for a moment. Simply look around and you can see that we pay more for absolutely everything.

A recent poll published by the Financial Times found that only 14% of Americans believe they are better off financially under Biden. Those people are likely on welfare. The poll also found that 70% of American voters feel Bidenomics have hurt the economy or had no impact, with 33% saying they “hurt the economy a lot.” These numbers are staggering, as no president in recent history has managed to catapult the country into such a dire situation.

Over half (52%) of respondents to the poll said they had no idea what the president even had planned to revive the economy. Now Biden, who is not campaigning, is touting he needs to “Finish the job!” All Americans are begging him not to finish the job, as that would include completely destroying America and passing it over to the globalists to Build Back Better.