4K Display Arcade Games : Digital Pinball Machine

The AtGames Legends 4KP Digital Pinball Machine is a digitized version of the classic pinball-style arcade game that will bring the experience into the modern home in a new way.

AtGames works with Zen Studios to create the unit, which boasts a traditional pinball-style case but with a 32-inch 4K display for the playing field, a 24-inch digital backless and an eight-inch scoreboard. The player will enjoy an immersive experience that includes physical controls like a plunger, nudge sensor, tilt and optional surround sound feedback (SSF) functionality.

The AtGames Legends 4KP Digital Pinball Machine will be available to preorder starting September 22, 2023 and will come in The Addams Family version to start, which will have 15 games and access to an online store.