3D Product Visualization Services : 3D Product Visualization

Herman Miller and Design Within Reach venture into the 3D product visualization space through a partnership with 3D Cloud™ by Marxent. This enables the brands to launch 3D product configurators on their North American retail websites. The service, available for top-performance seating products, enhances the customer experience by allowing visualization of different product configurations. The successful integration demonstrates the scalability of 3D Cloud’s approach and the innovative application of such technology in the furniture retail space. Currently, configuration is available for the following products: Aeron Chair, Aeron Gaming Chair, Cosm Chair, Embody Chair, Embody Gaming Chair, Lino Chair, Mirra 2 Chair, Sayl Chair, Sayl Gaming Chair, Setu Chair, and Verus Chair.

Herman Miller and Design Within Reach have announced plans to expand on the efficacy and ease of use of their 3D product visualization features, with plans to introduce augmented reality (AR) capabilities for live configurators on their sites in the coming weeks.

Image Credit: Herman Miller and Design Within Reach