12 Things That Must Be Done Right for UCLA to Raise Its 12th Flag

victory in big dance requires the ability to skip to each song being played.

This is UCLA March Coach Mick Cronin likes to repeat. It came from his 81-year-old father, Hep, a former high school basketball coach now famous for his punches during Bruins wins.

“It’s not tango every night,” said Mick Cronin. “You have to be able to win in different ways against different styles.”

Bruins“The relentless defense and ability to defend the ball like a newborn makes them capable of beating any team this time of year. But they must avoid a few mistakes in order to keep dancing to “One Shining Moment”, the season’s final song.

Like No. Runner-up UCLA (29-5) is gearing up to open Thursday night’s NCAA Tournament at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento against No. 1. North Carolina’s 15th seed Asheville (27-7), he hopes that this is just the beginning of a big dance marathon leading up to the school’s first national championship since 1995.

Here are 12 things that must be done right for the Bruins to raise the number one banner. 12: