Karen Khachanov: Azerbaijan calls for sanctions over pro-Armenian messages by tennis player at Australian Open

CNN — Azerbaijan tennis The federation called for sanctions against Karen Khachanov after the Russian player expressed support for the Armenian population living in the disputed area. Nagorno-Karabakh region at the Australian Open. Khachanov, who is of Armenian descent, wrote “Artsakh, be strong” on TV cameras after the matches in Melbourne. Artsakh is the Armenian


ftx: FTX Opposes New Bankruptcy Investigation As It Explores Bankman And Freed Links

FTX objected to the US Department of Justice’s request for an independent investigation into the collapse of the once-famous cryptocurrency exchange, saying it was already conducting a wide-ranging investigation involving members of the FTX founder’s family. Sam Bankman-Fried.FTX said in a Wilmington, Delaware lawsuit late Wednesday night that the Justice Department’s proposed scrutiny would only

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Inflation in the euro area, December 2022

Harmonized inflation fell to 9.2% in December from 10.1% in November. Thus, it is somewhat closer to the target rate of the European Central Bank of 2.0%. The December result was driven by slower growth in energy and services prices. At the same time, prices for foodstuffs, alcohol and tobacco, non-energy manufactured goods and services